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20 May

RocketCyber Whitelisting Examples

Our Spring 2019 Update introduces several new whitelist capabilities. While there are many use cases for excluding detections from the results, the most common we heard from customers was the ability to still detect a specific Suspicious/Malicious finding although..

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31 Jan

10 Windows Security Events You Need to Monitor and Why

An automated, continuous monitoring of Windows event logs is deployed with the capability to immediately alert the MSP of any unusual, suspicious or malicious activity performed on a SMB (small-medium-business) network.

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14 Jan

RocketCyber Releases Free Live Threat Map for Managed Service Providers

Today, RocketCyber, a cybersecurity platform built for Managed Service Providers, announced a live threat map for MSPs servicing small-medium businesses (SMBs). The RocketCyber Live Threat Map demonstrates malicious and suspicious activity occurring on the endpoint..

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10 Jan

Threat Hunting for MSPs servicing SMBs

Small business traditionally invested into the basic fundamentals of cyber prevention. With the marketing of next generation this and that, SMB owners were convinced they were impenetrable, protected, and the ability to keep hackers out.

Last year, with more than..

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10 Dec

Cryptocurrency Miner Concerns for SMB Owners

The threat of unauthorized cryptocurrency mining presents cybersecurity concerns for small business owners. While the value of cryptocurrency exchange rates fluctuates in a volatile market, attackers are leveraging SMB computers, browsers and networks to steal their..

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